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Roster of OCIOs

Investment Management Support

We have expanded our Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) roster by developing several strategic relationships with multiple research and strategy providers. Broadening our open-architecture platform this way enables advisors to access our research and manager selection while also identifying an OCIO that matches their style and investment preferences.

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Highly Respected OCIOs Spanning Several Methodologies and Philosophies

Track Record

Our OCIO marketplace is a carefully curated roster of institutions that have well-established track records. They can help fast-track the outsourcing process so that advisors can establish their independence and start generating practice revenue as quickly as possible, or reorganize processes and workflows to scale for growth or accommodate market down-turns.

Open Architecture Keeps You in Control

While some platforms will try to force-fit their own proprietary OCIO services on their advisory clients, Adhesion Wealth believes wholeheartedly in the benefits of an open-architecture platform that allows advisory firms to pick the style and methodology that best suits their practice.

Potentially Increasing Chances for Success

Access to our open-architecture array of portfolio construction methods and solid foundation of proven managers and premium research not only helps you provide personalized, holistic investment recommendations, it can also result in increased time savings and a rise in overall productivity.

Time Better Spent On Client Relationships

Our OCIO partners develop portfolios using high conviction managers, thoughtful asset allocation and in-depth research so advisors can deliver clear and comprehensive investment proposals tailored to their clients’ specific investment objectives, risk tolerance and goals. For firms that don't wish to absorb the cost of developing an in-house competency around manager research, due diligence and asset allocation, our OCIO partners can help you confidently and faithfully communicate your unmatched value to your clients.

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Adhesion Wealth Manager Exchange

The Adhesion Wealth Manager Exchange includes an extensive selection of managers and strategists with a multitude of investment solutions to accommodate your clients’ unique needs. These managers—all available on the Adhesion platform under a single login—offer asset allocation strategies, SMA models and UMA building blocks, hedging strategies to complete portfolios, and more.

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Adhesion Wealth OCIO Partners

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