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Advisor Desktop

Digital Enrollment & Workflow

Enrolling Accounts Has Never Been Easier

Our advisor desktop technology brings advisors a more interactive, transparent and streamlined experience to help engage with clients and prospects more effectively. Our online profiling tool will help you convert proposals into digital enrollment packets, and our platform has the power and flexibility to automate investment lifecycle workflows across a unified platform.

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An “Easy Button” for Enrollment & Workflows

Rapid Onboarding of New Clients

By leveraging Adhesion Wealth's comprehensive technology, portfolio management, and trading services, advisors can now deliver high-quality product expertise and services to better enable the rapid onboarding of new clients.

Building An Accurate Profile

Our portfolio construction services will help you design highly tailored managed account portfolios at scale, starting with our online profiling tool that can be fully customized to reflect your clients’ specific financial goals.

Ease of Enrollment

Adhesion Wealth gives you the ability to show prospects a complete analysis of their wealth with the click of a button. Online account enrollment becomes vastly easier, helping you accommodate any specific requirements and restrictions as clients view their financial picture with you in real-time.

Streamlining Workflows

With our powerful yet easy-to-use dashboard, after enrollment you’ll be able to offload trading and account maintenance requests to the Adhesion Wealth investment team to help you focus on creating better investment outcomes—ultimately freeing up more time to spend on building relationships with your clients and growing your book of business.

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Swift implementation and a boutique approach to service

By outsourcing managed account solutions with Adhesion Wealth, advisors will benefit from rapid onboarding capabilities, reduced costs of ownership and improved productivity—delivering more personalized experiences for their clients. From creating new client investment profiles and risk tolerances to proposing appropriate investment strategies through enrollment and account implementation, our platform provides a paperless workflow process, including stored e–signature authorizations from clients.

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