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Performance & Reporting

Easy-to-Understand, Visually Compelling Reports

Performance reporting conveys the tangible results of the investment decisions you’ve made in cooperation with your clients. That’s why high-quality, easy-to-follow performance reports are vital to maintaining client communications and trust. The Adhesion Wealth platform can help you deliver attractive and intuitive multi–custodian performance reporting at several different levels.

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Comprehensive Household-Level Reporting

Distinctive, Graphic-Rich Reports

Our visually appealing reports can help summarize and make it easier to discuss various family entities, goals, and portfolios, including “held away” accounts or holdings.

Full Transparency

Account details can be accessed down to the transaction level across custodians, and all account data is available to the client and the client’s representatives (as specifically authorized for trustees, tax advisors, estate planners, etc.).

True UMA Sleeve-Level Reporting

With Adhesion Wealth, you’ll have access to analyze true UMA sleeve-level performance reporting as well as manager reporting for separate accounts and funds.

Automated Report Delivery

Our online inquiry and electronic report delivery (via email notification) through a secure, branded client portal makes it easy and safe to share reports with clients.

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Going With the Flow: Plain Talk About Performance

Understanding time-weighted return calculations and the impact of cash flows on performance.

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Daily, Time-Weighted Performance Measurement

Updated daily and available online, all cash flows and multi–period returns are calculated in compliance with CFA GIPS standards. Performance dimensions include style, class, asset type, and sector, and we’re able to offer comprehensive flexible benchmarking methods, including blended, fixed, policy, or custom with a vast library of available indices.

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