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Overlay Management

Monitoring & Coordination

Optimizing Your Advice Delivery Process

For advisors looking to streamline their managed accounts processes, Adhesion Wealth’s platform can help you monitor and immediately react to portfolio or market changes, accommodate unique tax considerations, and incorporate customized financial planning needs across multiple SMA and UMA accounts.

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Simplified Monitoring for Better Investment Outcomes

Comprehensive Oversight

Our overlay management service provides a 360° vantage point of client portfolios across all SMA and UMA accounts, including monitoring of mutual funds, ETFs as well as individual securities.

Seamless Implementation

Personalized portfolio management can be executed seamlessly and efficiently for multiple clients from a single point solution, ensuring simplicity, scalability, and ease—and can improve your practice resource management and economics.

Client Satisfaction

Efficient and timely implementation of your investment ideas enables you to spend more time with your clients, building trust and providing them with the many other services they expect from your firm.

World-Class Support

You’ll have access to an experienced team monitoring your portfolios in real-time, all with an eye towards risk management and investment process discipline.

Proven Pioneer

Adhesion Wealth is an acknowledged pioneer in overlay technology, combining cutting-edge technology and deep investment experience to generate a powerful investment monitoring engine that will help you scale portfolio personalization and standardize your investment process.

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It is important to carefully evaluate the managed account platform that will help you maintain the integrity of your advice delivery.

See our thoughts on what to look for in overlay managers.

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Easier. Faster. Better.

Adhesion Wealth has made it easier to help clients achieve their personalized investment goals with enhanced diversification, optimized rebalancing, and tax-sensitive management while continuously monitoring for portfolio drift and ensuring that asset allocation stays aligned with investment objectives.

Streamline How You Monitor Your Managed Accounts