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Managing Client Personalization

Along with the ability to manage a full spectrum of investment strategies in a UMA or SMA setting, an important feature of the Adhesion Wealth platform is our capacity for helping advisors determine the most efficient ways to incorporate client restrictions, preferences or specific mandates in these settings.

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Tailoring Portfolios to Meet Client Preferences

Client–Specific Customization

With our platform, your ability to accommodate client-specific investment parameters and rules just got a lot easier, including the areas of investment exclusions, trade sizes, and tax-sensitive optimization.

A Dynamic Suitability Engine

Our easy-to-use interface enables advisors to facilitate customized portfolio management delivery, helping to establish and systematically monitor client-specific investment restrictions related to gain, loss, income and retirement goals.

Systematic Risk Management

By leveraging our deep knowledge, innovative tech, experienced resources and automated workflows, you can actively seek investment choices that—with an investor’s restrictions in mind—optimize gains and mitigate losses in their respective sectors and geographies.

A Robust System for Managing Client Customization

From establishing client timeframes and risk tolerances to proposing appropriate investment strategies and outcomes, the Adhesion Wealth platform will help you demonstrate your ability to accommodate client-specific requirements and restrictions throughout the enrollment, account implementation and ongoing management process. Some examples of the customized client settings available are:

  • Regular income withdrawals
  • Socially conscious restrictions
  • Protecting legacy assets
  • Desired cash buffers and treatment of deposited cash
  • Dollar–cost–averaging schedule
  • Harvesting budgets for carried gains or losses
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