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Adhesion Wealth Manager Exchange

Manager Communications

Strengthening Connections Between Advisors & Managers

With our recent roll-out of Adhesion Wealth Manager Communities, we continue to expand our innovative suite of tools that help connect advisors and asset managers. Our enhanced set of capabilities provide both registered investment advisors (RIAs) and asset managers with intuitive analytics, communication, and marketing capabilities to allow the two communities to foster stronger connections.

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Integrated Platform Enhances Knowledge Sharing

Benefits for Advisors:

Managers of Interest

Our product comparison dashboard helps advisors analyze and identify opportunities for utilizing model portfolios, which often have lower all-in costs than many of their traditional packaged product counterparts.


Advisors can communicate directly with managers or send blind requests for proposals (RFPs) expressing preferred model criteria to multiple managers through our platform.

Due Diligence

Our dashboard increases visibility for manager research, including the latest media content, whitepapers, and marketing materials published in the Adhesion Wealth Manager Exchange.

"Our unified platform is designed to help advisors and managers do what they do better and faster in order to improve outcomes for themselves and the investors they serve. We think bringing advisors and managers closer together will advance actionable insights that make it easier to tailor and deliver sophisticated investment solutions."

Barrett Ayers President of Adhesion Wealth
Integrated Platform Enhances Knowledge Sharing

Benefits for Managers:

Product Insight

Managers can utilize our dashboard to track asset flow growth, wholesaler performance, and model trend data while also monitoring advisor usage for each model and sleeve.

Marketing Intelligence

With access click data, managers can gain insights into which products and marketing materials have made the greatest impact.

Communication Portal

Managers are able to communicate and receive RFPs from Adhesion Wealth network firms and can respond directly through our platform.

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