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Open Architecture Suite of Managers with Track Records

There’s a reason why our Adhesion Wealth Manager Exchange was recognized by the Industry Award for Technology Providers: Model Marketplaces. By providing seamless, cost-effective access to nearly 500 institutional-caliber asset managers, our Adhesion Wealth Manager Exchange tool gives independent advisors the edge they need to differentiate, optimize, and streamline their practices.

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Simplified Solutions. Better Outcomes.

Expert Support On Your Side

When outsourcing to Adhesion Wealth for overlay portfolio management, advisors can leverage the portfolio construction and management expertise of our extensive roster of managers, all within a single account. From nationally recognized brands to boutique gems, choose the manager or strategist that best suits your client’s goals.

Stronger Community Connections

Our suite of industry-leading Adhesion Wealth Manager Community tools helps advisors foster stronger connections with asset managers, and our easy-to-use dashboard gives you the ability to communicate directly with managers or send blind requests for proposals (RFPs) using our built-in manager visibility controls.

The Entire Investment Universe at Your Fingertips

Our Adhesion Wealth Manager Exchange has nearly 500 asset managers and 4000 investment models to choose from. This Netflix-like platform lets advisors slice, dice, filter, refine and back-test various combos, then use that portfolio across one or several client accounts with just the click of a button.

Clear Communication of Investment Goals

Show clients your value-add by providing a complete analysis of their wealth in an easy-to-understand online setting where they can see how you have accommodated specific requirements such as carried tax gains or losses, socially conscious investment choices, legacy assets, desired cash buffers, and regular income withdrawals.

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Innovating solutions to drive performance

The Adhesion Wealth Manager Exchange empowers advisors with highly scalable, flexible, and customized wealth management solutions designed to help them deliver better investor outcomes. With our acknowledged excellence among wealth management firms and vendors serving financial advisors, we will continue to drive innovative solutions and tools for advisors.

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