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Cash Management

Automated Tactical Cash Management

No matter what the client objective, whether it’s yield, growth, or capital preservation, the Adhesion Wealth platform can help you manage around these goals by enabling custom cash settings, enabling you to efficiently maintain cash allocations across multiple accounts while following client restrictions and optimizing after-tax results.

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Help Your Clients Maintain Cash Targets

Simple, Efficient Liquidity Management

Our ability to automate cash account liquidity requirements through configurable buy/sell triggers creates a simple, efficient way—across your entire book—to manage cash levels for all types of accounts, with an eye towards opportunity risk and cost.

Multi-Faceted Capabilities

The Adhesion Wealth platform allows you to configure each client’s cash settings, set targets, reinvest cash and automate sell-down instructions—all through a single point of access.

Part of a Comprehensive Portfolio Solution

Cash management is a key component of maintaining financial stability within a holistic portfolio management approach. Shaped by higher risk awareness and sensitivity to liquidity costs, our goal is to help advisors offer investors the stability, liquidity, and yield they require through comprehensive and efficient management of cash assets.

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The Importance of Scale in Cash Management

As investing and managing cash becomes more complex, having the ability to respond efficiently and effectively through customized solutions and innovative strategies is paramount to helping your clients to meet their unique goals. Adhesion Wealth can help you accommodate investors’ demands for liquidity through our powerful and efficient tools.

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