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Personal Indexes

An Automated Approach To Building Custom Index Strategies

Think you can’t build customized index strategies because it would be too much of an administrative burden? Think again. The advanced technology behind our Personal Indexes program delivers the stability of an index-based solution—and the tax-advantaged benefits of holding securities directly—all from a single platform.

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Index-Based, Tax-Advantaged Investment Solutions

Low-Cost Customization

Unlike ETFs or mutual funds that don’t allow for customization, Personal Indexes make it possible for advisors to create low-cost, index-based portfolio solutions that allow for active screens to suit your client’s differentiated financial goals.

Active Tax Management (Tax Alpha)

Our indexing strategies offer the potential to experience better after-tax returns because investors own the stocks directly, so they can optimize a suite of tax-managed trading services that they normally wouldn't be able to with ETFs or mutual funds.

The Stability of An Index—Focused on Outcomes

Personal Indexes allow you to replicate exposure to the economic risks and potential payoffs of a benchmark index, making for efficient and flexible solutions that seek to generate index-like returns.

Tax-Aware Transitions Made Easy

With our single platform interface, you won’t have to constantly toggle between several different trading tech tools to incorporate holdings into a Personal Indexes portfolio, making it quick and easy to reduce the trading and rebalancing burden—and possibly reduce tax expenses.

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Customizable index solutions to help navigate volatile markets

Our proprietary tools and resources can help advisors deliver a personalized, tax-aware index solution that can be tailored to suit specific investment objectives.

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