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Investment Consulting

Asset Manager Identification

Choose from Managers That Suit Your Needs Best

While helping advisors assess their clients’ investment goals and constraints, Adhesion Wealth’s platform can also help to identify managers that may fit your client portfolios most effectively. Our highly advanced automated system quickly targets managers who potentially match individual portfolio goals based on return expectations, risk tolerance, tax awareness and fees—while giving you access to investment research and managers’ commentaries, marketing literature, etc. to help you make better-informed decisions.

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Unique Portfolio Criteria for Manager Evaluation

Cost-Effective Model Marketplace

With nearly 500 asset managers and over 4000 investment models to choose from on the Adhesion Wealth Manager Exchange, Adhesion Wealth can help you efficiently identify investment opportunities where cost-effective manager models may compare favorably to costly mutual funds.

Manager Monitoring

Our highly customizable technology allows advisors to create manager favorites lists, use real-time data to monitor manager performance, and run custom fact sheets and proposals to help guide you through the complex process of building a properly diversified portfolio.

Compare & Contrast Managers

When choosing from our universe of investment managers to help construct tailored client portfolios, you can utilize our automated filters, tools and data to instantaneously compare managers and test-run various manager combos, then apply them accordingly across several client accounts quickly and efficiently.

Finding the Right Fit

If you’re having success with the managers you currently hold, our Investment Consulting Team can help you choose from our vast selection of thoroughly vetted investment managers to identify other top performing strategies that correlate, compliment or diversify vs. ones you currently hold.

Manager Research & Communication That Drives Results

Along with asset manager identification services provided by our Investment Consulting Team, you’ll have access to our suite of cutting-edge Manager Community tools that provide actionable investment intelligence in key areas such as asset allocation strategies, manager investment philosophy, and model performance.

Together, they generate a powerful mix of institutional-caliber investment managers, OCIOs, dynamic portfolio solutions, and risk management tools that help reduce time spent on investment management while increasing your standard of care with clients.

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