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Using Behavioral Finance to Improve Client Relationships: Virus Market Edition

By Adhesion Wealth, An AssetMark Company

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Too often, investor decisions are swayed by knee-jerk reactions to the markets, economy, and political landscape. Join Barrett Ayers, President of Adhesion Wealth and John Forlines III, W.E. Donoghue’s CIO and Professor of Behavioral Finance at Duke for a webinar about:

  • A Bear Market practice management plan
  • Why declines in market prices are perceived as “losses” by investors
  • How uncertainty, not fear of losses, is the largest driver of investor mistakes
  • How you can use this information to be a positive influence on client behavior and deepen your relationships

Listen to the Webinar:

Using Behavioral Finance to Improve Client Relationships Virus Market Edition

By Adhesion Wealth, An AssetMark Company

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