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Emotional Intelligence: It’s What Differentiates You

By Adhesion Wealth, An AssetMark Company

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Hosted by Adhesion Wealth and Schafer Cullen Capital.

Jeff Strese, an Organizational Development Consultant and Executive Coach who has developed innovative programs to guide next-generation leaders to reach their full potential in a fast-paced, global economy will examine the history & principles of EQ, the skill building needed to recalibrate and navigate the emotions of others, and effective relationship management. Learn how to Adopt the Active Listening Mindset. Understand EQ and Emotional Hijacking: (1) Overgeneralization – Turn a single event into a continual pattern, (2) Labeling – Attaching a negative label to others or ourselves, (3) Blame Game – Not assuming enough personal responsibility for a situation, (4) Personalization – Assuming too much responsibility for a situation, and (5) Discounting the Positive – Rejecting or ignoring positive experiences.

By Adhesion Wealth, An AssetMark Company