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What Financial Advisors Should Know About Mergers and Acquisitions Today

By Doug Heikkinen, Founder, IRIS.xyz

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After a couple of months of slowdown, Mergers & Acquisitions (“M&A”) are happening at record levels across the industry. As financial advisors think about ways to grow their business, they may want to consider M&A as one way to achieve benefits of scale, new levels of efficiency within their business, and unlock access to the power of a broader platform.

In this episode of Power Your Advice, Adhesion Wealth President, Barrett Ayers, once again takes the reins and leads a fascinating discussion with M&A gurus Stan Gregor of Summit Financial and David DeVoe of DeVoe & Company about how this year has affected Mergers & Acquisitions across the industry. They also provide insight for advisors on both sides of the equation – how sellers can make their firms attractive for acquisition, and what buyers should take into consideration when evaluating target companies.

  • What factors are driving M&A activity this year?
  • What are some of the most important valuation factors?
  • Beyond the financials, what else should an aggregator look for when evaluating companies?
  • When should an RIA look internally vs. externally?
  • Insight as to what RIA M&A may look like in 2021 and beyond.

By Doug Heikkinen, Founder, IRIS.xyz