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Adhesion Wealth’s Manager eXchange Named Best Model Marketplace by for Second Year Straight

Charlotte, N.C.—Sept. 11, 2020— The Adhesion Wealth® ‘Manager eXchange’ has been named 2020’s Best TAMP Model Marketplace by The announcement came during the publication’s virtual “Wealthies” award ceremony celebrating the winners of the 2020 Industry Awards on Sept. 10. This is the second year in a row that Manager eXchange has been recognized for this award.

The Adhesion Manager eXchange is a suite of over 4000 equity, ETF, fixed income, mutual fund, TAMP models and OCIO providers from nearly 500 institutional grade asset managers – all available for use on the Adhesion Platform exclusively for Adhesion advisors. The Adhesion eXchange connects asset managers with investment advisors, allowing them to control the level of visibility and optics they want to share with each other.

The Manager eXchange also offers advisors integrated manager identification tools with a research repository for third party OCIO, research artifacts and integration with third-party data providers – allowing for hypotheticals, side-by-side comparisons, blended manager fact sheets, product research, all-in fee analysis, tax transition, and gain/loss analysis. The platform includes tools to provide managers with insights on models and sleeves, including flows and advisor usage, wholesaler trends, marketing effectiveness and identification of similar products.

Earlier this month, Adhesion launched a Personal Indexes investment solution, which enables advisors to deliver their own customized direct indexes to clients within a single, Unified Managed Account (UMA) alongside other managers found on the Manager eXchange. The firm also recently launched a heartbeat sensor that ensures models don’t go stale and a visual shot-clock sensor to promote timely trade rotation.

“Over the past two years, it has been exciting to see the Manager eXchange mature into the industry’s preeminent model marketplace. We didn’t do this alone; the capabilities we built have been sculpted by collaboration with our advisor and asset management communities, with whom we share this award,” said Barret Ayers, President at Adhesion Wealth. “It’s truly an honor to have the eXchange recognized once again by”

Now in its 6th year, the Industry Awards program recognizes the outstanding companies, individuals and organizations that make a real difference in the daily activities of financial advisors. More than 200 companies submitted 625 nominations in 2020.

To see the full list of winners and criteria for the award, please visit:

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Adhesion Wealth® is a leading provider of outsourced investment management solutions for registered investment advisors (RIAs). Adhesion Wealth empowers advisors with the ability to build their own multi-manager (UMA) strategies, access SMA strategies and use other turnkey investment solutions on the Adhesion Manager eXchange. Adhesion Wealth also provides advisors with personal and direct indexing, tax management, tax transitions, portfolio administration, practice analytics and client reporting. With Adhesion, advisors gain access to a scalable, multi-custodian platform upon which to grow successful practices.

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