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Adhesion Wealth Awarded Category Winner for Client Driven Innovation at the 9th Family Wealth Report Awards 2022 Program

Charlotte, N.C.—May 6, 2022—Adhesion Wealth®, a Vestmark company servicing the North American family office and family wealth industry, has been selected as a winner for Client Driven Innovation at the Family Wealth Report Awards 2022. The annual Family Wealth Report Awards program recognizes some of the most innovative and exceptional firms, teams, and individuals serving the family office, family wealth and trusted advisor communities in North America.

Judges were impressed with Adhesion’s unique direct investment options coupled with UMA technology enabling even small wealth managers to compete with the largest players.

Adhesion Wealth is a leading provider of outsourced portfolio management solutions for registered investment advisors (RIAs). Adhesion Wealth provides advisors with access to unified managed accounts, tax-aware transition services, active tax management, portfolio monitoring and rebalancing, cash management, personalized direct indexes, outsourced chief investment officers, TAMPs, and a wide variety of investment models and asset managers. Using Adhesion’s Personal Indexes with ESG Overlay, advisors can deliver customized investment options that fit a client’s individual values and investment objectives, delivered within a unified managed account (UMA). An important component of Adhesion’s direct indexing is that it enables advisors to provide tax alpha in ways typically not available with ETFs or mutual funds, including selling of tax loss harvestable individual securities, capital gain deferment, tax lot optimization, incorporating current holdings into a customized, index-based portfolio, and reducing unnecessary trades and tax expenses.

“Most advisors do not have the resources to build strategies that offer both the stability of an index-based solution and the tax-advantaged benefits of holding securities directly,” said Adhesion President, Barrett Ayers. “With Adhesion’s Direct Indexes, we are delivering creative, cost-efficient solutions for RIAs that enable them to meet an investor’s unique goals and achieve index-like performance. It is an honor to be recognized by Family Wealth Report for our innovative direct indexing solution and is a testament to our team’s dedication to ensuring our clients are getting best-in-class products and services.”

The Family Wealth Report Awards are part of a global program run by ClearView Financial Media and its sister publications WealthBriefing and WealthBriefingAsia, encompassing all of the world’s major wealth management centers.

Stephen Harris, ClearView Financial Media’s CEO, and publisher of Family Wealth Report, remarked, “The organizations and individuals who triumphed in these awards are all worthy winners, and I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations to the winners and to those who have put so much work into each winning submission. These awards were independently and expertly judged solely on the basis of entrants’ submissions and their response to a number of specific questions, which were answered by focusing on the client experience rather than purely quantitative performance metrics. These awards recognise the very best operators in the North American family office and wealth management space, with ‘independence’, ‘integrity’ and ‘genuine insight’ the watchwords of the judging process - such that the awards truly reflect excellence in American wealth management.”

In 2021, Adhesion won WealthManagement’s award for model marketplaces; ThinkAdvisor recognized President Barrett Ayers for its Thought Leadership and Education Luminary, and Adhesion for its Products, Programs and Services for Fintech and TAMP Platform Luminary.

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About Adhesion Wealth

Adhesion Wealth® is a leading provider of outsourced investment management solutions for registered investment advisors (RIAs). Adhesion Wealth empowers advisors with the ability to build their own multi-manager (UMA) strategies, access SMA strategies and use other turnkey investment solutions on the Adhesion Manager eXchange. Adhesion Wealth also provides advisors with personal and direct indexing, tax management, tax transitions, portfolio administration, practice analytics and client reporting. With Adhesion, advisors gain access to a scalable, multi-custodian platform upon which to grow successful practices.

Adhesion Wealth is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AssetMark, Inc. For more information, call (888) 295-8351 or visit

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