Focus on the Big Picture

A wealth advisor is like a general contractor (GC). Clients hire you to look at the big picture, devise a plan to meet their objectives, and then rely on you to execute that plan on their behalf.

No client expects their GC to be pounding nails. Instead, clients hire their GC to assemble and manage a team of professionals — specialists that deliver the key components of the job — with their GC staying focused on overall performance, communicating progress, and the end objective.

Are you driving your business or just driving nails?

In today’s complex investment environment, the most successful wealth advisory practices strive to be their clients’ GC. They focus on high–level client service and revenue building, while overseeing a variety of sophisticated behind–the–scenes disciplines, including investment operations and regulatory compliance.

How do they leverage their advisory and business development expertise while making sure other areas of the practice are running smoothly?

Enter Adhesion’s Integrated Investment Solution

Think of us as your go–to investment subcontractor. We’ve assembled the best people, processes and technology in the industry — an “A–Team” that has all the components you need to help you deliver the type of investment service you wish to provide every client.

Command and Control Your Practice

Providing high–touch client service – efficiently and consistently – across a diverse and growing client base requires a robust degree of “command and control” over all areas of your practice.

With Adhesion’s Integrated Investment Solution, you’re always in control of the big picture. We customize a platform specifically designed to facilitate your command and control of:

  • Investment program architecture.
  • Each client’s investment plan.
  • Oversight and monitoring of client and investment activity.