Our Management Team

Adhesion’s management team is made up of a group of seasoned professionals, many of whom have decades of experience working with RIAs and Fortune 100 companies to develop and implement effective technology solutions. Together, they oversee the day-to-day operations of the firm, always keeping our mission to help RIAs grow their businesses front and center in everything we do.

Michael Stier
Michael Stier
President & Chief Executive Officer

mstier [at] adhesionwealth [dot] com

Michael joined Adhesion in 2000. He has 30 years of global financial services technology expertise, a unique background that combines asset management, strategic organizational leadership and business integration management.

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Trey Reinhard
Trey Reinhard
Chief Operating Officer

treinhard [at] adhesionwealth [dot] com

Trey founded Adhesion in 1999. Today, he keeps us at the forefront of technology and operations excellence, and oversees the development and delivery of the Adhesion platform.

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Barrett Ayers
Barrett Ayers
Chief Solutions Officer
Managing Director, Overlay Portfolio Management

barrett.ayers [at] adhesionwealth [dot] com

Barrett joined Adhesion in 2004. As Chief Solutions Officer, Barrett oversees product management and relationship consulting, and also serves as our managing director for the overlay portfolio management division.

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Kevin McCrossin
Kevin McCrossin
Director, Business Development

kmccrossin [at] adhesionwealth [dot] com

Kevin joined Adhesion in 2014. As our Director of Business Development Kevin is responsible for building and maintaining client relationships and key channel partnerships.

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Lisa Faler
Lisa Faler, CPM®
Director, Overlay Portfolio Management

lfaler [at] adhesionwealth [dot] com

Lisa joined Adhesion in 2006. As our Director of Overlay Portfolio Management, she is responsible for overseeing the execution of investment-related tasks by Adhesion’s Portfolio Management Team. Lisa has been involved in our Overlay Portfolio Management program since its inception and has been a key contributor to its rapid success.

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Robert Melancon
Robert Melancon
Director, Development

rmelancon [at] adhesionwealth [dot] com

Robert joined Adhesion in 2006. Our Director of Development, he leads our engineering team. He has over 20 years of advanced software development experience.

  • Over 20 years’ software development experience.
  • Robert founded, and later sold, a custom software development firm focused on technology solutions for a wide range of industries, from banking to oil refining.
  • Functional expertise:
    • Advanced software development.
    • Entrepreneur.
    • Successful track record of developing and delivering custom software.
  • B.S., Computer Science, University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

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