Powerful Online Tools for Engaging Clients in the Investment Process

From their first online interaction with your firm, prospects and clients will experience the value of Adhesion’s integrated investment platform. And you will be fully supported throughout the lifecycle process. From profiling new client objectives, time frames and risk tolerances to proposing appropriate investment strategies through enrollment and account implementation, the Adhesion platform provides a paperless workflow process, including stored e–signature authorizations from clients.

Whether you are in your office, on the road, or sitting in your client’s home, the workflow engine within the Adhesion platform will keep track of each step in the process, facilitating completion in the time and place that best suits each client.

Profile – The online profiling questionnaire can be fully customized to reflect your unique approach and persona.

Propose – Create powerful proposals that give prospects a complete picture of your proposed investment strategy. Proposal documents, fully projecting your brand, include colorful graphics, manager/product fact sheets, and your own custom content.

Enroll –Enrolling client accounts for implementation takes just a few mouse clicks. Here is where you can demonstrate your ability to accommodate their specific requirements and restrictions, such as carried tax gains or losses, socially conscious restrictions, preferences regarding legacy assets, desired cash buffers, and regular income withdrawals.