Powerful Options for Creating Portfolios

Your clients look to you for direction, assurance, and the best available unbiased thinking – an advisor who clearly sits on their side of the table. With Adhesion’s integrated platform you have powerful options for creating the sophisticated investment portfolios needed to address a wide range of market conditions and client objectives.

Just as some general contractors perform architectural services while others utilize an outside specialist, some wealth advisors possess the skills and experience to develop portfolio architecture in–house. Others find it preferable to tap external specialists.

No matter your approach to portfolio architecture, Adhesion’s integrated platform puts powerful tools and resources at your disposal.

Advisor as Strategist: In–house Architect

Adhesion lets you combine the power of your proprietary strategies with the advantages of outsourced portfolio management. Coordinated through our integrated platform, Adhesion relieves you of the complex process of ongoing implementation.

  • You define your set of risk–targeted asset allocation models, consistent with your unique investment philosophy and market perspective.
  • You research and select the mix of managers and products with which to implement each of the model sleeves in the allocation. Available for use are:
    • Thousands of mutual fund and ETF products.
    • An extensive roster of asset managers (equity portfolios) and ETF and mutual fund strategists available through the Adhesion eXchange.
    • Any of your proprietary model portfolios (‘Advisor as PM’).
  • You specify the rules (e.g., target cash levels, rebalance bands, min trade sizes) that govern the ongoing implementation by Adhesion.

Turnkey Unified Managed Programs: Leveraging Outsourced Chief Investment Officer Services

This solution is perfect for advisors who prefer to fully leverage the expertise and brand recognition of leading 3rd– party investment strategists. All turnkey portfolio solutions are engineered by the strategists to take full advantage of a UMA implementation via Adhesion’s platform.

  • Turnkey multi-manager, multi-product allocation strategies available through the Adhesion eXchange (Unified Managed Programs).
  • Options for a wide range of client sizes, risk tolerances and investment timeframes.
  • Allocation, manager and product selections fully researched and documented by the investment strategist.
  • Ongoing due diligence and client–suitable marketing collateral from the strategist.