Experienced Professionals, Process and Workflow, Advanced Technology

It takes all of these to drive high levels of client service, operational productivity and business scalability.

In stark contrast to collecting technology tools – with the requirement to hire, train and retain internal operations staff – Adhesion’s integrated investment service and technology solution is just that: An integrated solution where the service model is as fundamental as the sophisticated technology supporting it.

Monitoring, Rebalancing, and Trading

With Adhesion’s Overlay Portfolio Management team, you gain leading–edge technology and the deep experience of portfolio managers who administer thousands of managed accounts daily. Services include:

  • Coordinating investment recommendations among multiple managers.
  • Incorporating client restrictions or mandates and advisor trading parameters.
  • Cash management — maintaining specified levels and systematic withdrawals.
  • Monitoring target vs. actual allocations and rebalancing as needed.
  • Managing trade execution and allocations with multiple custodians.
  • Tax–aware rebalancing and loss harvesting.
Accounting, Trading, Monitoring, Rebalancing

Portfolio Accounting

Adhesion’s back–office experts handle all of your portfolio accounting and account data management needs. With our highly experienced personnel, you no longer need to hire, train, and retain your own internal operations staff. And your data is portable and always available to you.

With Adhesion Investment Operation services your firm benefits from:

  • Full transaction–level portfolio accounting, including cost–basis tracking, corporate action processing, and portfolio cash reconciled with inflows and outflows
  • Extensive data integrity — Not only are your client accounts fully reconciled to the custodian daily, but Adhesion also runs daily comprehensive data audits that look beyond standard position reconciliation.
  • Accurate tax–lot tracking (when utilizing Adhesion Investing services).
  • Client fee billing.