Powerful tools for overseeing and analyzing client & investment activity

The buck stops with you. As your clients’ wealth advisor (general contractor), you have a responsibility to monitor and supervise the team of specialists you’ve assembled on your clients’ behalf. Adhesion firmly believes that this is one of the most value–added services a wealth advisor provides their clients and we are committed to giving you all the tools and processes you need to be successful.

Managing by Exception

You are running a complex business that is constantly evolving. It’s not realistic to expect that you will always be fully aware of every client–based or operational detail. It’s even less realistic to expect that you can sift through the daily mounds of data and immediately recognize a condition that requires action.

The most successful wealth advisors accept this. Instead, they rely on tools and processes that monitor all the extensive operations ongoing for their clients and that highlight – from vast amounts of data – the exceptional events that require their attention.

Experts call this “Managing by Exception” (MBE) and it’s an incredibly powerful methodology to efficiently isolate, analyze, and then fix items that are not tracking as expected.

FAR: The workhorse behind MBE

Adhesion refers to the workflow process behind MBE as “Find – Act – Resolve.” This FAR methodology is the core workflow principle woven throughout our Adhesion integrated investment platform. As a result, our platform represents a FAR–reaching leap forward in the critical oversight and monitoring role of wealth advisors.

FIND – Turning Data into Intelligence

With the Adhesion Home Page, you get a dashboard view of your business, providing customizable indicators for your key business metrics, such as those that drive:

  • Investment performance
  • Client service and relationship status
  • Profitability
  • Risk

Metrics and exceptions are customizable by users within your practice, making it easier for your entire team to find the information that is critical to their role — whether it’s the CEO, COO, CCO, business development officer, operations analyst, or relationship manager — from the vast amount of available data.

FIND - Management requires turning data into intelligence

From Sources of AUM Growth to Client Profitability and Revenue Distribution, to Workflow Alerts and Filter Exceptions, the Adhesion Home Page will FIND the business intelligence you need and deliver it right to your fingertips.

ACT – Acting Upon the Exceptions

While other tools may provide some management– level information, only the Adhesion platform makes any piece of information instantly actionable. Imagine clicking on any exception or alert and being served up a menu of applicable actions you can take in response.

The set of actions available through the Adhesion’s platform is extensive — and expanding. For example, you can choose to send out a client report, set up a new client household, display the transaction history for an account or run performance attribution analysis on a manager — all within seconds of receiving an alert.

ACT - Management requires acting upon the exceptions

RESOLVE – Establishing Standardized Workflows to Address Recurring Exceptions

An exceptional client experience results from the consistent delivery of effective and timely service. And consistency comes from standardization. With this in mind, the Adhesion platform gives you a powerful workflow engine to organize actions into standardized firm wide procedures. And, since timely resolution often depends on multiple team members, you can assign tasks in the workflow to the appropriate person or function on the team and monitor progress.