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The Importance of Dedicated, Personalized Service & Support

By Adhesion Wealth, An AssetMark Company

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When you choose a wealth management platform provider, you might assume that they will offer the kind of individual attention and dedicated service you need to provide the same level of service to your clients. But not all platform providers are created equally.

That’s why, before choosing a platform provider, you’ll want to be sure that:

  • Time-sensitive requests for help won’t get bottlenecked in slow-moving call centers.
  • Personalized, concierge-style service is provided to help you get real-time answers to complicated questions.
  • There is a proven history of dedication to helping advisors deliver the service and investment outcomes that their clients expect.

That’s the level of service we strive for at Adhesion. We know how crucial it is for your clients to have trust in you, so you need to have full trust in your platform provider. Our commitment to personalized service—and the ability to equip you with extensive, targeted investment intelligence—builds that trust by facilitating your control of the entire financial planning process in the most timely manner possible.

Does Your Platform Provider Respond This Quickly?

Here’s an illustrative example of our white-glove service and nimble response time to client requests:

The request: When receiving automated emails from Adhesion that notified them about updates to their cases, advisors had to open a new browser, log in, retrieve their message, then go back to their email. An advisor reached out to his dedicated Adhesion account manager (a real live person, not an automated response system or overwhelmed call center) to see if there was a way to streamline this process.

The response: The Adhesion account manager routed the request to our Client Support Services (CSS) and Systems Operations personnel where the email template was edited, allowing links to the advisor portal to be added with security still in place. Every case notification still maintains confidentiality by being shared through the portal, but now access is just one click away. This enhancement is the new standard experience for all our clients.

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So, Let’s Do The Math…

From the client’s request to its at-large implementation, this entire platform enhancement took under two hours, happening before the advisor even left for lunch.

The time saved: We estimate this change will save our advisors 20 hours per year based on the number of case updates provided and log-ins prevented.

We don’t have to tell you that time is money. As you can see, seconds-saving processes can add up to making a big difference, including building more of the intangible relationship capital that can come from timely responses.

Our Promise of Personalized Service

Our ability to continually assess the Adhesion client experience and save seconds or minutes for our clients at every opportunity is part of our commitment to personalized service. We look forward to taking the accountability and ownership that comes with engaging in proactive problem-solving. Our goal is always to support your business and day-to-day operations with reliable and consultative resources from across our firm, and we pride ourselves on a history of timely and transparent communication.

Helping you leverage our white-glove service and support team to deliver the investment outcomes today’s investors demand is a constant benchmark for Adhesion. If your current managed accounts platform isn’t providing this kind of personalized service, maybe it’s time for a change. With Adhesion, you can count on:

  • Our team getting your business fully transitioned and up and running in a short time window
  • Continual support through a dedicated relationship manager, experienced traders and investment consultants
  • Scalable operations infrastructure and high-touch, personalized service
  • We’ll listen to your needs: advisor feedback is critical to continually improving our offerings. At Adhesion, it is heard and acted upon.

Flexibility is integral to everything we do as we try to help improve advisor efficiencies, facilitate communications, and put client relationships front and center. We have built a full suite of services around a scalable, customizable platform that allows our clients to maintain their own unique approach and brand identity, as well as full control of the client relationship. And with our emphasis on premier service and support, we can help you win back time to focus on client relationships, business development, and tailoring solutions to best suit your clients and practice.

Adhesion Wealth®
We know the real value of dedicated service and support

Our white-glove approach to service and support is what we believe gives our clients a competitive edge. When you call us, you won't get bogged down by robot responses or slow-moving call centers. You'll get a dedicated account manager who can give you real-time answers to urgent questions. If your current managed accounts platform isn’t providing this kind of individualized service, maybe it’s time for a change.

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By Adhesion Wealth, An AssetMark Company

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