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Adhesion Wealth Stands Ready to Help

By Barrett Ayers, President

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We understand that the past month has been very challenging for you and your clients. Our thoughts go out to anyone who has been impacted by the virus. To those who are sick, we send our thoughts and best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.

You are on the front lines, helping investors through this frightening and uncertain time. We know you are focused on them and we are focused on helping to enable you to do as much as you can for your clients in these difficult days. As your partner, we stand ready to help where we can as you are reacting to the market's recent volatility and downturn.

With our parent company Vestmark standing fully behind us, we have the scale, geographical redundancy as well as additional technical and human capacity to manage these challenging times and unprecedented levels of activity. Please know - we are here to help in as many ways as we can; our investment consulting team can confer with you on model, manager or asset allocation changes, we can connect you with an OCIO firm to help provide directional assistance, we can assist with tax harvesting, accelerating tax transitions, or point you to some of the managers on our platform who offer hedging strategies and more.

In addition, during these volatile times, please know we have taken the following protective measures to ensure no disruption to our clients while keeping our employees safe:

  • We have issued a complete work from home order. Our team is prepared: we have extensively tested our network, our communication protocols, our capacity and failover policies. Teams have access to each other via live video and chat streaming as well as to the entire suite of software, our trading partners and systems support - all via a tested work from home kit that is connected to our network via 2-factor encrypted VPN. In addition, all of our phone lines have been rerouted to personal phones where a full replica of an in-office workstation has been installed at home. Phone and case queues are monitored in real-time by multiple layers of management.
  • We have instituted our “Swat Team” program where non-operational staff members who had previously been trained and certified in support, case management, portfolio administration and process workflow, have stepped in to help assist with overflow. Please be patient if you speak with a new employee working from home who has been called up to expedite and triage for our support team.
  • We have temporarily suspended our policy requiring our clients to hand-enter individual portfolio changes directly into the Adhesion Wealth Platform. We realize you have nervous clients to speak with and may be working from home without credentials. As such, with proper authentication, our support team are happy to verbally accept single-account instructions over the phone or email and will implement those changes on your behalf.
  • By leveraging technical and human resources from Vestmark, we can also assist with bulk updates to portfolios; whether that is moving multiple portfolios from one strategy to another, updating strategies or enrolling clients into tax harvesting, we have a team who can make it happen.

Our whole team is fully available to our clients throughout these volatile markets. We are committed to providing the same level of service and availability that you expect from Adhesion Wealth. As part of that commitment, we are working to ensure our employees who support you are safe and healthy.

Please, if there are any additional ways in which we can support your business, reach out to your account manager. As always and especially in times like these, we appreciate your business, thank you for being a valued partner, and wish you and your loved ones good health.

Best Regards,

Barrett Ayers
President, Adhesion Wealth

By Barrett Ayers, President