Fastest growing investment vehicle in the industry today

As a technology–enabled account, Unified Managed Accounts (UMAs) offer unsurpassed benefits to clients.

Using Adhesion’s UMA platform, you can offer clients a diversified, risk appropriate, tax–aware, multi–asset portfolio in a single account whose contents are designed to meet their specific investment needs.

Key Benefits for Your Clients:

Account Consolidation – Your clients enjoy one convenient account that can encompass the complete portfolio solution you’ve architected – your proprietary portfolios, model portfolios from 3rd party managers and strategists, individual securities, partnership interests, ETFs, and mutual funds. They will appreciate the reduced paperwork that comes from consolidation, too — no more multiple account applications, custodian statements, and 1099 forms to fill out and store.

Customizable for Each Client – After selecting the risk–appropriate investment strategy based upon the client’s risk profile, you can customize the implementation to reflect their specific requirements (e.g., regular income withdrawals or tax loss/gain harvest mandates) , and investment restrictions (e.g., protected assets, SRI overlays).

Active Tax Management – Another great way to add value for clients. The Active Tax Management service is a custom portfolio management feature designed to reduce tax exposure, especially short–term gains, with the goal of improving the client’s after–tax returns.

A Gateway to Leading Specialists – Demonstrate to clients your unique ability to assemble investment solutions on their behalf that incorporate the industry’s leaders in investment research and asset management.

Transition Services – When high net worth clients approach their advisor seeking new investment solutions, they rarely start with a portfolio exclusively in cash. Wealthy clients most often have built portfolios of securities and funds over time and quite often have deeply embedded gains. These ”legacy assets” can make it difficult for the advisor to implement an appropriate solution. Balancing the tax impact of selling existing investment products and securities against the risk inherent in holding concentrated positions is complex. Adhesion offers advisors a number of options for providing a customized transition strategy to these valuable clients.

How the Adhesion UMA stacks up against traditional manager products.