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Why Advisors Matter: The Gamma Factor with Morningstar’s Peter Dugery

In today’s hyper competitive market with all the pressures you face on fees and growing your business, you need more than just investment alpha.

You need to get Gamma.

Adding Gamma is a key competitive edge that top advisors are already using to demonstrably improve client retirement outcomes.  In our webinar “Why Advisors Matter: The Gamma Factor,” Peter Dugery of Morningstar showed us how Morningstar’s Gamma research offers a roadmap to a more efficient retirement planning strategy. You’ll also learn how to implement Morningstar’s ETF Allocation series using the Adhesion Advantage.

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Breakout Growth for RIAs with Dan Klein

We hope you enjoyed our latest webinar, “Breakout Growth for RIAs” with TD Ameritrade’s Dan Klein.  In case you missed it, check out the replay here.

Dan Klein delivered multiple key strategies and insights into achieving breakout growth.  Here are just a few of the highlights.

Dan Klein pointed out that delivering high impact events is an important way to initiate your growth strategy.  These events allow you to connect with prospects and clients around their topics of interest and cement new relationships.  He listed some great ideas for events you can hold for your own clients and prospects.

  • Cultural: trip to an art museum, hold cooking classes, wine tastings
  • Charitable: get clients to bring in donations of clothes or food (this can also be done in conjunction with another event),  work together in the community
  • Entertainment/recreational: host a private showing at a movie theater, car racing, fashion show, question/answer session with a local author, bowling
  • Health and Wellness: hold a flu shot clinic, spa day, invite a dietician to discuss healthy living

Dan Klein also discussed how we should be leveraging our clients’ contacts to invite prospects to our events.  Instead of using “who do you know” language, try using the approach of “I see that you know.”  Use Linkedin to find out who your clients know, and take it from there.

Many RIAs are challenged to find the resources, and specifically the mental shelf space, to build a strong marketing culture.  Ask Ty McDaniel, Managing Director and Head of Sales, about our outsourcing and practice management solutions.  Email him here.

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Cybersecurity for RIAs: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly with Raj Bakhru

The SEC continues to grow more concerned regarding cybersecurity for RIAs of all sizes.

The ugly truth is that, based on recent examinations, many RIAs firms have major vulnerabilities in their security and technology.

The bad news is that the SEC and state administrators have been forced to ramp up their enforcement of cybersecurity issues.

The good news is that through a combination of good business practices, work flows and outsourcing, most advisors can not only pass the SEC’s security exam, but also build a cyber-stronghold for their clients’ information.

Raj Bakhru, CEO of Aponix, is at the forefront of this timely industry conversation.  Check out the replay below for his insights on cybersecurity, and how it is affecting RIAs today.

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Risk Tolerance as an RIA Business Development Tool with Aaron Klein

A recent survey showed that out of a group of affluent investors, 28% felt they were aggressive investors. However, their advisors thought that only 15% of them were aggressive.
Another 34% of the affluent investors felt they had a moderate risk tolerance, but the advisors thought that 51% were moderate risk takers.

This phenomenon is what we call “Risk Disconnect.”

But here’s the question: Why has our industry trained itself to ignore risk and even sweep it under the rug?

Aaron Klein, industry though-leader and CEO of Riskalyze, has this to say:

“The greatest thing we can do for our advisory business is to stop talking about returns and start talking about risk.”

Check out the replay of “Risk Tolerance as an RIA Business Development Tool” to find out.

As part of our “Building Exceptional RIAs” webinar series, Aaron Klein recently presented on how RIAs can correct the Risk Disconnect and attract more new clients in the process.  In case you missed it, check out the replay here!

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Delivering Tax Alpha

Income taxes increased this year for your most successful clients.  When you consider that we’re in the 5th year of this bull market, there are many potential unrealized tax traps hiding in clients’ portfolios.  These create opportunities for you to deliver more alpha to your existing clients and attract new clients with your ability to deliver more tax Alpha.

The challenge is how to manage a tax aware program across a number of clients and accounts.

This was the subject of Adhesion’s “Delivering Your Investment Alpha” webinar. View the replay below of “Delivering Tax Alpha” presented by Barrett Ayers, Chief Solutions Officer at Adhesion Wealth Advisor Solutions.

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Handling RIA Burnout with Bob Veres

Bob does a great job of addressing the phenomenon of RIA Burnout, and offers lots of helpful tips and insights for addressing it.  For example, have you tried making a “To-Don’t” list of the things you don’t want to do that could be delegated?

Check out the replay below for Bob’s thoughts on advisor burnout and putting more joy back in the job!

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Meet Generation D

A select group of advisors is already utilizing social media to target a vast new emerging market: Generation D.

Gen D consists of investors to whom digital communication and interaction is second nature.  They are always plugged-in, and like to communicate digitally in real-time.  They also represent $24 trillion in investable assets.  Using social media (e.g. targeted LinkedIn searches or Twitter updates) to tap into this lucrative market is not an alternative—it’s the standard.  Any strategy aimed at Generation D investors that is not significantly leveraging social media is a non-starter.

As if $24 trillion wasn’t enough opportunity for you, there’s more. Much more.  Over the course of the next decade, there will be $750 billion in retirement Money In Motion up for grabs.   Without question the lion’s share will go to advisors who have already made themselves accessible and relevant to a Generation D audience.  You might start by exploring some of the strategies and methods for using LinkedIn to prospect and win new business.  Check out this webinar training “Using LinkedIn to Access the Affluent”  for in-depth tips and strategies.

Keep in mind that these unprecedented market opportunities are already in motion, and if you don’t get your share of the wallet one of your competitors will.  Put yourself in the optimal position to win this new business by becoming accessible and relevant via social media.

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Using LinkedIn to Access the Affluent with Crystal Thies

Are You Prepared to Reach Generation D?

Generation D represents a large segment of investors defined by their everyday use of digital and social media.  They are proactive and well-informed investors.  To successfully capture the Generation D wallet share, you need to reach them in the social media arena.  The key platform you need to be aware of is LinkedIn.  We recently hosted a webinar presented by Crystal Thies, the “LinkedIn Ninja.”  It was packed with strategies and tips on how to utilize LinkedIn to attract clients, build your pipeline, and ultimately increase your AUM.

Here are just a few:

  • Build your LinkedIn network to get more referrals
  • Find perfect prospects that are only an introduction away
  • Differentiate yourself as a wealth advisor rather than the “average” financial advisor
  • Use a social engineering strategy to meet your prospects
  • Improve client retention by adding value and staying front of mind
  • Use Status Updates — not just your own — to be visible beyond your connections
  • Find and attract 401k Rollover opportunities and Pre-Retirees

Check out the replay below to learn how LinkedIn can be your vehicle for accessing Generation D!

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2014: Time to Re-Think Retirement Income Planning with David Blanchett

David Blanchett, CFA, CFP, and the head of retirement research for Morningstar Investment Management, joined us for this fast-paced 60 minute interactive webinar where we address:

  • The definition of retirement failure and success to your clients
  • Why people really seek help from wealth managers
  • 5 specific planning strategies that will improve your clients’ chances for success

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The “Other” Alpha Factor with Bob Veres

You may have missed it, but we have made sure you don’t have to miss out!  View the replay below to check out Bob Veres presenting on “The ‘Other’ Alpha Factor”.  Learn what is setting some RIAs apart from the herd in these trying times, and how you can position yourself for success.

Bob takes a look at:

  • Why are other financial institutions trying to look like RIAs?
  • Why will they fail?
  • And most importantly: What will it take to thrive in the next 1-3 years, as we enter an investment environment that is experiencing unprecedented changes?

We want you to be able to take advantage of Bob Veres and his industry wisdom.  Over the course of his 20+ years in the business, Bob has served as editor-in-chief of Financial Planning magazine and editor of Morningstar’s advisor website among various other leadership roles.  He is perhaps the ultimate industry insider.  Use the link provided, and check out this unique webinar at your convenience.

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