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Adhesion Practice Intel

Elevate your Alpha with actionable intelligence and advanced data-mining capabilities at your fingertips. Keep track of your clients’ progress and proactively address issues by tracking performance metrics and setting alerts. We give you the precise information you need precisely the way you need it.

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Who is Adhesion?

New technologies and competition are driving clients and investment advisors to seek lower costs and easier access to investment solutions.  Adhesion answers the challenge with the simplicity of a TAMP and the power of a personalized UMA platform.

Adhesion is a UMA platform: a highly personalized, open architecture UMA platform that delivers your essential investment services.  We power your advisor and client Alpha.

There are two different ways to engage with Adhesion:

  1. Customized Practice Solution.  Take full advantage of our personalized UMA platform for your integrated reporting, reconciliation, trading, rebalancing and monitoring.  Our open architecture allows access to your choice of funds, ETFs, managers and strategists.  You define your investment proposition and we deliver it.
  2. Adhesion Portfolio Solutions (APS).  Choose from any of the hundreds of objective–based models managed by third party firms available through our Adhesion Portfolio Solutions.  With APS, you have access to a turnkey solution featuring a single strategist or investment manager.  You can scale to a completely researched and defensible outsourced investment management solution.
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Adhesion Portfolio Solutions

Focus on your clients and business development and leave portfolio management nuts and bolts to us.  We provide you with world class investment strategists and asset managers giving your clients the benefit of best in class investment expertise.  With powerful resources to fit any investment approach, we power your alpha and let you focus on doing what you love best: focusing on your clients.


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Adhesion Tax Alpha

High-performing advisory firms can save time and resources by automating key tax aware strategies. Too many advisors are still using obsolete tools to conduct their tax management. The Adhesion Advantage allows advisors to streamline new client transitions with tax aware roadmaps. Advisors can see significant benefits by automating and monitoring tax aware strategies.

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Adhesion – Powering Your Alpha Video

There are several outsourcing solutions out there.  So what makes Adhesion the premier turnkey solution in the industry? What does Adhesion really offer to financial advisors?  Our goal is to deliver elite investment services on behalf of financial advisors so that they can focus on delivering client advice and a superior client experience.  We call this “Powering Your Alpha.”  Our innovative solution and product features can enhance the experience you offer your clients in multiple ways.  Watch the video above for specific examples of what we are talking about.

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