Are You With The Right UMA Partner?

Unified Managed Accounts (UMAs) are sold with key list of advantages.  But if you don’t have the right underlying technology or managed account partner, you can’t seek to achieve all of these advantages and you may end up with some pretty tough challenges, and sometimes some pretty disappointed and frustrated clients, right?  So while it’s not exactly flashy to talk about true sleeve tax-lot accounting….it’s critical to delivering the client outcomes you really want to create for your clients.  

Most of these issues are due to a platform’s inability to tag and partition tax lots.  It takes time and experience to build a platform that handles – and partitions – a UMA properly. You can’t take shortcuts. Some people call it old school, we call it experience. And we think you deserve better. 

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FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. Investing in securities is subject to inherent investments risks, including, the potential loss of principal. Adhesion Wealth does not provide personalized investment or tax advice. UMAs are not suitable for all investors and should be evaluated for suitability by their Financial Professional prior to investing. UMAs do have certain limitations that must be overcome, such as, the portfolio can’t be directly moved over unless a manager is in the same sleeve of the new firm’s UMA and would need to be held outside the UMA. 

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