Adhesion Wealth Advisor Solutions & Auour Investments: Evolution of Downside Protection Webcast

auour-investments-sqEach month, strategists on the Adhesion platform offer insights on market trends and their products. We invited Auour Investments, to kick-off the Adhesion Manager Webinar Series.

To check out the recording of the Auour presentation, click HERE.

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About the Webinar:

Is Downside Protection on your Mind?

Downturns happen and the most recent have been some of the worst. With the current bull market in its eighth year and geopolitical risks creeping up, it may be time to think about the various strategies used to protect against material losses. This webinar will discuss the evolution in protecting against market draw-downs and the recent advances made using Regime-Based Investing.

Investing to the Regime with Regime-Based Investing

Regime-Based Investing is a new investment approach that dynamically adjusts market exposures throughout a changing investment environment. By adapting to the changing investment landscape, investors are offered a new strategy to minimize market downturns without the need to sacrifice performance in rising markets.

About Auour:

Auour is an ETF-based strategist that has been an innovator in Regime-Based Investing with five strategies that span the risk spectrum.  Robert Kuftinec  and Joe Hosler are two of the three founders of the firm and with their third partner bring over 65 years of combined investment experience and managing over $8Bil in assets at various major investment firms.

The Auour investment strategies are dynamic/tactical investment portfolios for both equity and fixed income needs.  The funds use ETF’s, which are low cost and tax efficient compared to mutual funds.

  • Fully Participate when markets grow – Auour’s algorithms also look to increase the aggressiveness if the market is constructive, allowing for the opportunity to outperform. Auour will change the investments to those that are intrinsically under-valued compared to others striving for better-than-market returns.  There are times when certain asset classes should work better than others, Auour’s models look to find those.
  • What makes Auour different? – The approach to downside protection is very analytic as the algorithms rigorously measure market risk and market movements.  The proprietary algorithms measure enormous amount of data every day to predict the risk in the market in their attempt to move to cash before material downside hits the markets.
  • In short, the Auour portfolios aim to participate in rising markets while experiencing less of the downturns when the markets are soft and can be customized to each client’s particular risk tolerance.
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