Why Goals-based is not code-word for ‘ignore performance’.

There is a lot of confusion about what it means to deliver and receive a goals-based investment solution.  Most retail investors believe ‘goals-based’ is simply another attempt at dismissing under-performance.  Or at least so says a recent study cited by Wealthmanagement.com.  In the article, the study indicates that clients believe that “Goals-Based” equates to Performance.  We think it means much, much more.

Part of that disconnect can be attributed to our track record as an industry of wrapping otherwise straightforward ideas in jargon and arcane statistics.  Perhaps another cause of confusion is that many advisors simply do not have the wherewithal to architect, deploy, support and maintain a true goals-based framework.  At Adhesion, as we spoke with our advisory clients, we quickly came to realize that their clients were asking for investment solutions that not only identified where they were on their path to their goals, but also adjusted based on how they progressed on their objective.  We found that many so-called Goals-Based programs that were out there were largely theoretical and academic in nature – making them, at best  – unimplementable by most advisory firms.  We also found that many programs – in addition to missing the upfront and ongoing diagnostics of the client to their goal –did not take into consideration real-life factors like taxes, expenses, downside protection and real-life spending rates.  And for those that did, the cost and accessibility of the program was often prohibitive.

So we are excited to introduce Pathway Portfolios   The suite is comprised of 13 Unique Core/Satellite Portfolios – blending both active and passive investment styles across the three investor lifecycle phases – the Gain Phase, The Protect Phase and the Spending Phase.  The strategies have been built to address the unique challenges associated with each phase of an investors lifecycle:  The Gain Portfolios are designed for investors who are earlier in the investment lifecycle and looking to maximize capital appreciation through a globally diversified portfolio, but while staying within their risk appetite.  The Protect Portfolios are for those investors who are closing in on their goals and looking to achieve some level of capital appreciation yet limit downside exposure, which can be devastating for those approaching retirement (see 2008-2009).  And finally the Spend Portfolios are designed for those who have achieved their goals and looking to accomplish a target spending rate while simultaneously maximizing investment longevity.

The program leverages investment products from a combination of separate account managers, actively managed mutual funds, and passive ETFs and have been engineered to fully leverage the sophisticated Adhesion Unified Managed Account (UMA) platform.

We are excited to share them with Adhesion advisors who custody assets at TD Ameritrade, Schwab Institutional and Fidelity.  Please visit gotopathway.com to find out more.

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