Around the RIA Web with Adhesion, July 2016

A few great reads from the month of July, highlighting some of the key conversations we’re having with advisors. Growth, technology, investment design, outsourcing, recruiting, compliance…all are key discussion points for RIA firms and we share the following for your own discussions:

Michael Kitces on the benefits of taking a smaller piece of a larger pie, with thoughts to consider before taking on another advisor’s practice.

How does one benchmark for alternative strategies like momentum and trend-following? No perfect answer, but David Varadi makes the case for an appropriate way to account for the different risk profile of tactical.

Millennials love the RIA model, and TD Ameritrade is embracing graduates of financial planning programs.

Not surprisingly, the latest Jefferson National Adviser Authority study shows growth-oriented advisors embrace technology at a far great rate than their peers.

Advicent with thoughts on 16 questions to consider in turning your practice into a business.

The SEC is putting broker-dealers on alert for expanded disclosure of order handling. HedgeCo highlights some of the proposed details to be shared on a monthly and quarterly basis.

Rather than plan for specific goals, Michael Kitces explains how much our goals may change and why it may make more sense to simply plan for a flexible future.

Advisor marketing should go beyond just getting the word out. The Journal of Financial Planning shares thoughts from leading financial services marketers on designing a true program for growth.

Growth at RIA firms continues across all sizes, with larger firms continuing to become more productive and profitable. The latest Schwab benchmarking study summarized here.

JP Morgan guide to the markets is always chock full of interesting visualizations.

Adhesion continues to work behind the scenes in helping advisors grow, with new options allowing the integration of Outsourced CIO implementation via Mercer and robo technology via Riskalyze. We welcome your feedback at, and encourage you to subscribe on the upper right of this page to receive our regular blog updates.

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