Breakout Growth for RIAs with Dan Klein

We hope you enjoyed our latest webinar, “Breakout Growth for RIAs” with TD Ameritrade’s Dan Klein.  In case you missed it, check out the replay here.

Dan Klein delivered multiple key strategies and insights into achieving breakout growth.  Here are just a few of the highlights.

Dan Klein pointed out that delivering high impact events is an important way to initiate your growth strategy.  These events allow you to connect with prospects and clients around their topics of interest and cement new relationships.  He listed some great ideas for events you can hold for your own clients and prospects.

  • Cultural: trip to an art museum, hold cooking classes, wine tastings
  • Charitable: get clients to bring in donations of clothes or food (this can also be done in conjunction with another event),  work together in the community
  • Entertainment/recreational: host a private showing at a movie theater, car racing, fashion show, question/answer session with a local author, bowling
  • Health and Wellness: hold a flu shot clinic, spa day, invite a dietician to discuss healthy living

Dan Klein also discussed how we should be leveraging our clients’ contacts to invite prospects to our events.  Instead of using “who do you know” language, try using the approach of “I see that you know.”  Use Linkedin to find out who your clients know, and take it from there.

Many RIAs are challenged to find the resources, and specifically the mental shelf space, to build a strong marketing culture.  Ask Ty McDaniel, Managing Director and Head of Sales, about our outsourcing and practice management solutions.  Email him here.

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